Story of the five generations

Roots in the Manor of Juuso

Hotel Kuusankas story is rooted firmly in the old Manor of Juuso. The location has provided accommodation services for five generations now with no end in sight. Hotel Kuusanka is now hosted by Harri Kallunki with his wife Sanna and their family, retracing the set steps of his fore-fathers Juuso, Aaro, Arvi and his father, Paavo.

The Manor of Juuso hosted guests already back in the 1840’s right in the middle of Kuusamo. People from far away Kuusamo wilderness villages used to stay the nights in the City while visiting the Manor. The location has also had
cafés and restaurants, most legendary of which many would claim to be Hotel Elka, which was operational in the 1960’s.

Generation after generation

Tuula Kallunki, mother of Harri Kallunki, hosted the hotel alongside Paavo for three whole decades, right up until to the year 2015. The family-business Petäjäkyläs ownership was transferred to Harri in the year 2005. While the older generation was still looking after the hotel, the younger one was focusing on developing Petäjäkylä and another company owned by this family, Ruska Laukka.

”While we were thinking about a new name for the hotel in the mid 1990’s, it was clear to us that the name would find its roots in the nature. While Kuusamo wasn’t really know as a nature-city back then, it was apparent to us that Kuusamos unique nature was, and will be, our most precious gift. We were ahead of our times with this thinking” says Tuula Kallunki.

”The name Kuusanka has to do with nature, purity and humanitarianism. Kuusanka, the older name for Kuukkeli (Finnish Bird of Luck),
represents closeness with nature at its very core” she continues.

Values everlasting

Kuukkeli is the hostess of the forest, a friend of all who decide to enter the forests of Finland, a kindred spirit and the traditional Bird of Luck to us Finns.

”Cleanliness of our surroundings, comfort, humanitarianism and respecting our traditions are closely knit to the core of our
hotel and the name Kuusanka gives metaphorical wings to our family-business.”

”All three companies are driven forward by our family values, such as responsibility, ethicality, sustainable development and long-term commitment to what we set our minds upon.” Harri Kallunki says.

”To this day cherishing our traditions is one of our top priorities, without forgetting to modernize our company action-plan. Respecting the nature, the animals and human beings is important and apparent in our daily lives.”

The now modernized Hotel Kuusanka welcomes all weary travelers to come enjoy your stay as our guest!